Behind the Seen – Launch Tonight!

After a lot of hard work by the group, the publication is finally ready and the launch will happen tonight at 7pm at Sligo Education Centre. There will also be a digital slideshow of work by the students throughout the project. All are welcome to celebrate the work of these young artists and launch the publication.



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Interview with Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is one of the artists included in the original exhibition ‘A Special Place’ at Sligo Education Centre.

There is an interesting interview with the artist by Slavka Sverakova on the CIRCA website here


Image: Chis Wilson, Landscape (triptych), 2008, acrylic and gesso on canvas

Since the work we saw in the exhibition at the EC was from 1989, this interview is interesting since it colours in his practice and art activity since then. It particularly refers to an exhibition at the Mullan Gallery in 2007.


Image: Chris Wilson, Valley, 2008, acrylic and graphite on canvas

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Aisling O’Beirn – Nicknames and Unseen Places


Part of Aisling O’Beirn’s art practice involves investigating people’s relationship with particular places. She is especially interested in the type of information that does not appear on city maps – information and nick names for local places and landmarks gathered from around a given city.

She has reserached this ongoing project in Galway, Limerick, Belfast and Dublin, which results in a series of  official-looking ‘street signs’ of   these nick names being located around the city.

‘The project is driven from an interest in how nicknames for places and landmarks help map and describe the urban fabric of the city, and how maps are like editorial documents where select information is included or left out according to the maps function.’ see here



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Words, Titles and Names

Today’s workshop focused on the possible use of text and image in the group’s postcards, moving on from simple captions. We looked at photographers in the original exhibition who had used combinations of photography and text – Willie Doherty, Martin Parr, Mick O’Kelly. 

We also looked at two public art commissions by Aileen Lambert (commissioned by Wexford County Council) and Etain O’Carroll (Roscommon County Council’s Haiku Poetry and Photographer in Residence programmes).  Both of these projects resulted in small scale printed matter, and reflected on ways of presenting the local knowledge that comes with knowing a place intimately – stories, meetings, memories, nicknames. The discussion of nicknames led to Aisling O’Beirn’s artwork and a conversation about Ballymote nicknames, and if they might be too ‘offensive’ to be put on postcards…  

A discussion of possible titles for the project and final publication yielded the following suggestions:  

Behind the Seen

Totally Neglected Territories (TNT)


We’ll be making our final decision next week, along with finishing the individual postcards, deciding together on the selection of the final dozen, and discussing design and distribution. 

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Catch Up

The group has produced some great results using the super sampler (4 shot) cameras. Unfortunately the fisheye didn’t work out so well – but that comes with the territory of analogue teachnology! Overall there is a really interesting range of images being built up, with technology/ techniques ranging from painting, a series of innovative plastic cameras, conventional digital cameras and most recently mobile phones.

Today was the first workshop after 2 weeks of work experience and the group are continuing to use the Adobe photoshop software to manipulate the images they have generated and design their individual postcards. The aim is that everyone will make 10 postcards out of which 2 will be selected for the final publication.

In the last workshop we looked at historical examples of Irish postcards from the 1970s to the present, many of which tended to be exageratedly positive, kitsch or stereotypical. The aim of our project is to produce a book of postcards that present an alternative understanding of this place.

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Photo Experiments

fisheye1.jpg     actionsampler.jpg    actionsampler-example.jpg

The group has been given two exciting cameras to experiment with, in addition to using their own digital cameras and mobile phones to collect images. These are the Lomographic action sampler & fisheye lens cameras. There is 2 weeks until the next workshop as the mid term break falls next week. It will be interesting to see what photos come back!


sample photo above taken with the actionsampler from here

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Plein Air




For last week’s workshop (October 17th), the group moved outside to make some paintings, after looking at examples by Sligo-based artists Barrie Cooke and Sean Mc Sweeney, both of whom have drawn significant inspiration from the Sligo landscape. We worked outside at Ballymote castle, using acrylic paints, a series of papers and different surfaces, and different tools such as pallette knives, and PVA to mix in textures. To see some of the paintings made by the group, go to the ‘artwork‘ page.


Barrie Cooke, the Lough Derg Pike, 1991

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