This project is a collaboration between:

The Arts Council of Ireland,

Sligo Education Centre,

Sarah Browne (lead artist), and

Coláiste Muire, Ballymote.

The project is also supported by the Model Arts and Niland Gallery.This art project is funded under the Arts Council Schools Exhibition Linkage Scheme, in response to the 1989 exhibition, ‘A Special Place’.

In the original exhibition, this theme is explored using diverse materials and methods by the artists involved, including abstract painting, traditional watercolour, documentary photography, photo-text and socially-engaged practice. These techniques and approaches will form the basis of exploration for the group. Artists in the original exhibition: Mick O’Kelly; Tony O’Malley; Cecily Brennan; Willie Doherty; Patrick Collins; Martin Parr; Julie Kelleher; Carey Clark; John Minihan; Barrie Cooke; Gwen O’Dowd; Chris Wilson. 

The project aims to explore the theme of the Arts Council exhibition A Special Place and how it relates to the experience and ideas of the young people. The project will engage with the work of the artists in the exhibition, and try to develop understanding of how and why the artist’s intentions have influenced the finished artwork. The aim is to develop awareness and appreciation of the conceptual aspects of the artistic process, and build up critical thinking skills.

The group will also explore a diversity of materials and means of expression in the interpretation and articulation of ‘place’ (remembered, imagined, physical, mental, emotional or contested places). This will involve experimenting with media and methods outside the norm of the classroom.  Ultimately, the project aims to develop and show alternative understandings of ‘place’ other than the commercial/ tourist representations of the area.

This will result in a publication at the conclusion of the project – a book of postcards.   


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