Suggestions for Alternative Postcards…

Elaine W

  1. beaches
  2. forests
  3. people playing football
  4. mountains
  5. pictures of old people at old folk’s home
  6. waterfalls
  7. forest park
  8. animals
  9. countryside
  10. churches & schools
  11. hotel in Ballymote (sister works there)


  1. my house
  2. people playing football – brothers
  3. Bunnaidhle
  4. mart in Ballymote
  5. the old cinema
  6. field – with my cows in it
  7. our school
  8. the church in Ballymote
  9. Kennedy’s pub – good craic
  10. my dad’s tractor
  11. mini train in Ballymote


  1. cultural/ social landscape – drinks cans, cigarette buts, etc
  2. morbid fascination with Cranmore
  3. my cats
  4. the cats, photoshopped
  5. consumerism – random crap in shop windows
  6. impermanence, double exposures, same place at different times
  7. anthropological aspects – people and how they behave – gathering around shops, crowds, groups etc


  1. the park in Ballymote
  2. the train station
  3. estates around Ballymote
  4. old people’s home – outside surroundings
  5. school
  6. the parish hall
  7. playgrounds, football pitch
  8. kid’s train track around the park
  9. the castle – from the inside
  10. fields, sheep and cows and stuff
  11. countryside
  12. around my granny’s, the cowshed

  Elaine D 

  1. the woods behind my house, day and night
  2. ‘the gallows’
  3. river beside my house
  4. motorbike & cars (my dad’s)
  5. the graveyard at night
  6. guitars and drumkit in front of Irish flag
  7. pictures of interesting people


  1. Forests around home
  2. rush hour in Gurteen
  3. people on O’Connell from the top of Harmony Hill
  4. the well at home
  5. manmade dam behind the river
  6. granny’s rocking chair
  7. Strandhill
  8. pictures of SLigo Bay taken form the top of Knocknarea
  9. footballer playing football
  10. Glencar waterfall – from the top looking down


  1. Ballymote castle
  2. Ballymote park – man drinking
  3. Keashhill
  4. river at home
  5. cave at home
  6. something to do with the GAA
  7. the mini train
  8. the bog
  9. something to do with traditional music

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 Martin Parr, ‘New Brighton’, 1986. © Martin Parr

So far the group has looked at ways of representing a landscape or a place that have included traditional landscape painting and cartography/ mapmaking. In todays’s workshop we looked at the tourist experience of landscape, specifically through the photography of Martin Parr and the images of Sligo and other places promoted through postcards.


Questions and ideas the group are considering include:

  • What are the most commonly represented places in Sligo (for postcards and tourism generally)?
  • What places or experiences are missing?
  • How is the experience of a place or a landscape different for a tourist than for someone who lives there?
  • What viewpoints, places, ideas, or feelings could you contribute to a postcard of Sligo?

Relevant websites:;


Martin Parr, Ocean Dome, 1996 copyright Magnum

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Mapmaking 2

On wednesday 26th, once again we attended the workshop in the Niland Art Gallery, Sligo. We looked at different maps and then we started to design our own. I done my map in the shape of a heart with my grannys house in it and the surroundings. I done this on wallpaper.

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Today’s workshop was based in the Model and Niland Galleries, Sligo, where there is currently an exhibition of landscape paintings from the West of Ireland.

Today we looked at a few different examples of representing ‘landscape’ and ‘place’ – where the difference between the two might be understood as a place to look at versus a place to be in and experience.  This included painting, photography, prints, aerial and digital photography, computer-generated imagery, GPS, postacrds, panoramic wallpaper, frescoes, vedutas and maps.


The rest of the workshop focused on examples of mapmaking and ways of thinking about how to map places. This included expanded ways of thinking about what maps might be or be made up of, and will continue next week.


Images: map of US where signal colours show radio strength;

internet data map;

Medieval circular map

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the beginning!

Today was the first workshop with the group of students from Coláiste Muire, Ballymote. Together we looked at and discussed the exhibition at the Education Centre in Sligo, and talked a bit about what the project is going to involve. The group of students will be:

Angela Brennan

Elaine Dwyer

Shauna Gallagher

Keith Henry

Kristof Kenderesi

Johnny McHugh

Neil Murray

Niamh O’Connor

Elaine Waters

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